Thanks to the free porn available on the internet, our community is now opening up to all the desires that they have been hiding in their hearts. Take for example BDSM. How many people wanted it but until Mr. Grey taught them, all of their thoughts and wishes were hiding away from their partners. Long story cut short, if you are one of those playful couples who desire to explore each other and the world of erotica on a completely different level, we have products that will elevate your hunger and desire to have better sex.

We have kits for every kink and every level. If you are new to sex kits, you could start by pleasuring your man with our Screaming O VibroMan. This kit consists of three mini vibrators that produce enough vibrations to get your amateur man excited and dying for more. All you need to do is, put the vibrators on their respective places – his dick, his tongue and his fingertip and turn them on. Next, watch him cry with happiness and do whatever you want.

Once you are comfortable with the addition of sex toys in your sex life, go for a Fantasy C Ringz Party Pack. This set consists of performance enhancing sex toys that let both of you last long, really long. Our performance enhancing sex toys are one of the best in the market. Why, you ask? Because our rings or ringz as we call them, are aimed at simulating both of you at the same time. We use body safe and lead free material to create our toys which mean zero infection and 100% fun. All this being said, if you have never used a performance enhancing sex toy before, do read the instructions before putting on the rings. They involve a little naughty science!

Neon Triple Play Kit is one of our favourite toys that we have created for women. It has a multi-speed bullet with three amazing tips specifically designed to stimulate her clit the way it is meant to be. With three speed levels, and multiple accessories, think of all the possible ways you can make her cum at your will.

Moving on to Fetishes, we have a sexy cupping set that mimic the ancient Chinese method of relaxation. These cups produce a significant suction effect enough to satisfy all your fetish heat. They can be used anywhere on the body but we would recommend boobs and buttocks for the best results. Use this kit during BDSM or just for a relaxing massage – your choice, but we promise 100% satisfaction.

We have several other fetish toys like the Her Kegel Kit which includes a vibrator, steel balls to adjust the weights and an easy to retract ring to safely remove the toy after use. We not only make sure that you have fun, we also make sure that you do not end up hurting yourself.

Sex is an amazing feeling and if a few toys can elevate the game for you, why not? Experiment is the key to a better sex life, an overall healthy lifestyle and a healthier relationship.