We all know that there comes a time when you ‘eww’ after using your adult toys – specifically over how dirty they are. So, it is obvious that adult toys should not be left as they are after each pleasure session. And if you think that a few drops of water will do the trick and make your adult toys spotlessly clean, you are terribly wrong.

Wondering why?

Well, let’s just say that you may be risking a trip to the hospital because you will have infection next time you use your (dirty) vibrator. And this is just one example of how regular wear and tear without proper cleaning can put a risk to the use of your adult toys.

keep adult toys clean

Cleaning Your Sex Toys: The Moment You Buy Them

Now that you know why cleaning your sex toys is important, you should how to properly clean them. Obviously, the first point of cleaning your sex toys is the moment you buy them – and the moment right before using them.

At this point, you should take a minute to visually inspect the toy and make sure that there are no cracks or delicate tissue or harbor bacteria that can get you closer to infections. After you check it’s ‘working’ condition, you should either sanitize, quick clean, water rinse or dish-wash your sex toys.

Now, you probably know that sanitizing only works for non-porous metals and that quick cleaning means cleaning with shampoo. The only case when you should consider water rinsing is when you are using flashlight masturbators with actual cords in them – and dishwashing is a bit more complicated in general.

So, the bottom line is that sanitizing and quick cleaning with regular hand soap and water to clean all the lube and fluids is the best way to clean your adult toys.

Cleaning Your Adult Toys On A Regular Basis

Once you get used to your adult toys, you should also get used to properly cleaning them. This means that the hand soap plus water rule sticks for nearly all the adult toy types out there. However, you should know that each adult toy has different delicate measures when it comes to cleaning. So, we are listing the best way to clean each of them below:

  • Vibrators – Cleaning vibrators is pretty basic – you only need to use the wipe down method and no boiling or dishwasher methods. However, make sure that there are no cracks or crevices that can potentially harm the electronics within your vibrator – and make sure to use a really old and soft toothbrush (with soap on it) in addition to wet wipes.




Silicone – When it comes to pure silicone, it can definitely be fully sanitized as it is non-porous. There are a lot of options to sanitize your silicone adult toys, including soap-and-water solutions, rubbing alcohol on them or paying special attention to all the details that go inside your genitalia.


  • Wood/Metal/Plastic – All of these adult toys should be best left for the antibacterial wipes – especially if they contain batteries or cords. Removing the nasty odors can be best done with a simple soap and water wash up in the sink – and if you need more magic to it – make sure to use a stronger anti-bacteria soap.

A Final Word

In the end, while taking a tissue and wiping off the obvious places where lube, jelly or your vaginal discharge usually collects is great – there may be a few additional methods to learn – as mentioned above. Especially when it comes to the first (and most important) wash after buying an adult toy – and the part where you start to get used to it.

In the end, you should know that antibacterial wipes should always be near you when it comes to cleaning adult toys. Also, before you put your toy away for use next time, make sure to store it in a completely dry and closed area. This will prevent the bacteria from reaching it and with that potentially reaching your organism.

We hope this guide helped you learn how to sanitize, wash and wipe your adult toys – like a true adult!